"The videos are great learning tools. The practice videos are fun to play along with, and the lesson videos are full of useful tips and techniques from each Sunday's class. If there's something I cant recall from the class, I can always find it in the video."
—Dwight Hatfield

Workshops Include:

  • Video practice exercises and "backing" rhythms to play along with at multiple tempos​

  • Video lessons that cover the material from each workshop


  • Sheet music (chords/tablature) for all songs covered in the workshop, and other informational handouts


I TEACH GROUP WORKSHOPS at String Theory Music in Bend, Oregon.  In addition to the 90 minutes of focused small-group instruction, each 4-session-long workshop includes a multitude of learning and practice tools in the form of instructional and interactive videos that are yours to keep and continue learning from. 

Because these are group classes, you'll have the added bonus of meeting other people in the community who share your musical interests and tastes.  For the dedicated student, this workshop is the best bang for your buck, and an effective way to take your playing to the next level.  For more detailed information about the workshops I'm currently teaching, click on the links above.

Learn to Play

the Music You Love 

Class Acts: Learning with Others

Nicolas Miranda Music

"I really enjoy Nick's classes. His music  selection  is always on the money, and we get tablature and videos via Dropbox prior to the class.This really helps me to prepare so I can get the most out of the class. It's always a good experience!"
—Charlie Briggs